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Friday, 06 September 2013 12:52

Most Recent Blog Entry

It's hard to believe that what started out as a hobby helping out friends, family and the church that 24 years later I would be introducing myself on my very own website. I can honestly say the time has gone so fast and so much has happened to get me to this point. What a ride it has been and so many amazing people I have met along the way. I never imagined when sitting across from my Grandmas kitchen table watching her prepare her famous dishes that I would one day own my own successful catering business. Everything I know about food came from her. She gets all the credit for my success, without a doubt! She was such an important part of my life and even though she is no longer with us I have felt her presence with me every step of the way. She would have celebrated her 100th birthday this year. The greatest lesson my Grandmother taught me is the more you give to people the more you will receive in return.

My husband Brian takes care of all maintenance of vans and keeps everything running smoothly in the kitchen. He has been a tremendous support to me when the kids were young taking care of them while I was in the kitchen. This year, May 3rd, will be our 25th wedding anniversary. I love and cherish everything he has done for me which includes the construction of our beautiful home and catering facility. I truly have the best of both worlds under one roof. It would not have been possible without his dedication to the project.


Our daughter, Briana, will be having a very exciting year. She will be getting married in the fall. She will be marrying Brandon Carr who is also helpful in our catering business. He has come to realize this is going to become a very big part of his life too. Brianna & Brandon's new home will be across the street from us. She plays a very important role in the business both in the kitchen and office. I will be featuring things associated with her wedding throughout the year. All the years of attending our 1000 weddings, we have tried to pull some of our most unforgettable things and put it all onto this one event.... Stay tuned!

Our son, Ben, benefits from all the leftover food. He will be a senior this school year. He currently has a job outside of my business but remains ready to help when needed.


Finally, my parents Leo & Eleanor Haky have supported me from the start of this adventure. They have followed me every step of the way. I love them both so very much.


This business is not run by me alone. I have a lot of dedicated and loyal girls that help me and I appreciate them more than words can say. Friends are family one finds along the way and I have one large family.










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